Could your organisation’s software systems do with an overhaul or replacement? Then a business process review (BPR) is a good place to start. AccessNet Technologies have experts to do the bulk of the work for you. Our consultant will ‘shadow’ each business process, and ask questions of the staff involved. This will enable them to:

  • provide an organisation-wide view
  • identify gaps and inefficiencies e.g. double-handling of data, duplicate processes
  • identify potential areas for streamlining processes or automation
  • examine which processes are not required or are not producing what they should

BPR success doesn’t come easily. It requires everyone’s involvement, and for that to happen, top management needs to be committed, employees need to feel empowered, and there needs to be strategic direction and an end goal.

So, if wish to explore a BPR for your organisation then contact us for a FREE initial consultation!