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All-in-one business management software As business solutions go, the new breed of ERP product is no ordinary software but provides the following advantages;

  • Flexibility, scalability and advanced customisation which delivers ease of use for the end user
  • It is a single system on a centralised database (SQL Server, Oracle etc) giving you one complete view of your business; enabling better collaboration and sharing of data across departments
  • All the functionality you’ll ever need may be included – financials, order processing, stock control, credit control, CRM, marketing, manufacturing, project management and business intelligence etc …..
  • It has the flexibility to quickly, easily and cost-effectively adapt to your ever-changing business needs and unique requirements
  • It enables you to keep tight control of key areas of your business through features like workflows, condition-based processes, scheduled reporting and predefined system alerts
  • With the provision of financial & non-financial information to managers at all levels it supports the decision making within your business and the ability to drill down to appropriate levels of detail, as required
  • Operating on state of the art technology, it provides a solid technical infrastructure and ERP platform for better performance and the flexibility to support future growth and expansion (without costly system upgrades or transaction limitations)
  • It offers a stable and reliable solution supported by a team of professionals and trusted by thousands of companies